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Port of libcwiid to Kamikaze 8.09

CWiid is a collection of Linux tools written in C for interfacing to the Nintendo Wiimote.

You can download my port to OpenWRT Kamikaze 8.09 below.

Please keep in mind that I made this mainly for my own purposes, so not all tools are included from the original package, and even those which are, may not necessarily work. Feedback is welcome, though. Please use my address at the bottom of the page ("kukac" means "at", "pont" means "dot").


The packages are built from the svn trunk of libcwiid at http://abstrakraft.org/cwiid/svn/trunk/

The actual libcwiid svn revision is noted below, and in the source Makefile (as a comment).

Binary packages

You may download these directly, or add the following line to /etc/opkg.conf:

src cwiid http://users.prevenciokft.hu/sam/files/libcwiid/mipsel

Source packages

Build instructions

I assume you already have a working OpenWRT development environment. If not, please see their pages for instructions. $(TOPDIR) refers to the toplevel directory of the development environment.

If you are having trouble building the source, check that you have bluez-libs (it should be under Libraries). You need to compile that as well, it is needed for building.

You might wish to use a more recent libcwiid source. In that case, delete the src subdirectory from $(TOPDIR)/packages/libcwiid/, and do something like
svn export http://abstrakraft.org/cwiid/svn/trunk/ packages/libcwiid/src/
from $(TOPDIR). You may need to match the patches to the new source, though.

^ UP


You will likely need bluez-utils up and running, otherwise lswm and wmdemo won't find anything. So install bluez-utils, start dbus, enable hcid (see uci show bluetooth) and start bluez-utils.